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Class, intersectional discrimination & voices (from New Jersey)

            A recent series of tweets by @maddoggiejo on social justice (housing, welfare, disability supports), “recovery stories,” and voices, reminded me of the importance of ongoing efforts to inject “recovery” discourse with reminders of the powerful and complex intersections between class, poverty, marginalization and the development, course and impact of voices/psychosis.               Stories of … Continue reading

'Mad' Identity / Language / Theory

MPG/IoP presentation

Those who know me know that I’m anything but lacking in ambivalent feelings with respect to user/survivor research, experiential privilege and self-positioning.  (Though it’s probably fair enough to underscore that I’m equally ambivalent about nearly everything I care deeply and passionately about.) The talk I’ll be giving on Tuesday (Sep. 10th) for the Maudsley Philosophy … Continue reading