Will Hall on the anti-identity identity politics of madness

Originally posted on Malingering Normal:

Awhile back I posted on emergent tensions in identity politics and self-positioning within the ‘mad movement(s).’ Of course, this issue also affects folks caught up in self definition, psychiatric labeling, and treatment who might not even be aware of a ‘thing’ being referred to as a ‘mad movement.’

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One thought on “Will Hall on the anti-identity identity politics of madness

  1. Hi–This post gave me reason to go back and re-read Timothy’s older post, and the email exchange he quoted with permission. Given my current focus on representation within academe, this part of what you said really spoke to me: “Finally, the implications vis-a-vis equal representation are alarming. I.e. if brief, psychotic like experiences, or a diagnosis of mild depression by a PCP are equivalent experiences, then there really is no problem with under-inclusion in academia, clinical settings, etc. Nearly everyone’s a “consumer.” Obviously, such positioning deeply undermines the claims of those of us who struggle with ongoing “disability” and sometimes frighteningly severe discrimination and stigma (within academic, policy and clinical settings) that we are under-represented and marginalized.

    I actually wish that more in the c/s/x community were willing to speak out on this issue.”


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